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The recruitment point
I push forward upbringing and an increase of the staff of a talented person to plan expansion and management of a share, substantiality of duties in us. One desired is good enough, and please apply.
1, an adoption standard
Our adoption standard attaches great importance to personality and appropriateness and regards this as basics condition of a talented person and tries for security of a talented person without compromising.
Most of entered people think that human relations of a place of work are important, but human relations are extremely good in us, and all employees respect a situation peacefully, and an atmosphere of a place of work is harmonious at all.
2, sales department
(1) Contents of work
We are manufacturers, and it is a company selling technology. Therefore, I make much of facilities and technology so far and gave up, but it will strengthen business in future and wants to plan expansion of a share and substantiality of contents.
Thus I put an office in Nagoya and increase four or five business employees with a policy to cover all central part, Tokyo, Osaka as a base of business.
Concrete content of work accepts an order of trust production of articles such as a health food and cosmetics, a health drink, an unregulated drug mainly. Participate up to a sales system at a design of contents prescription, a container and a package, time, and can advance from plan one article, drawing it up by work; is extremely work with worth doing. When the good article which a visitor hopes for was completed, I am pleased together, and big feeling of satisfaction is provided.
There can be the point that it is very certain that it is work with worth doing, but is all the more severe. At first it is to be able to go ahead through work based on a large amount of budget to call 100,000,000 yen from 3,000,000 yen. It is for a partner to be professional people next, and it is to be profound work.
Therefore, I hear a demand of a visitor precisely and analyze a condition demanded from an account executive, and business ability to let you realize is demanded.

(2) A duty condition peculiar to business
A main duty condition look at a common duty condition. I show a duty condition to fit only business here.

  Duty place:

The main office and the Nagoya office
main office:
It is 1-90-1, Kamiyama-cho in Tajimi-shi, Gifu
TEL: +81-572-56-1111 FAX: +81-572-56-0002
Nagoya office:
113, Tokugawa-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi
TEL: +81-52-979-0001 FAX: +81-52-979-0052

  A business trip: Therefore, the actual situation of a business trip performed now can go on a business trip to one or two degrees Tokyo and Osaka for the plan that oneself puts up for one month. There is a brief dormitory in Tokyo and can stay. Osaka makes getting and back in a day main.
  Overtime work: Because is not business of article sale; there does not need to be a regular thing working into the night.
However, it is often that it is after 7:00.
  A salary: There is a salary system of business on the basis of a fixed salary, but always establishes it in consideration of achievements and the results. Therefore, a person with ability can expect a high salary.

(3) Qualifications
  age limit To 45 years old. But the person who has a distribution channel to 55 years old.
3, a Planning Department
(1) Contents of work
Work of a business plan passes extremely in depth.
It is plan of advertising, making of a promotional literature, plan progress of an international exhibition, marketing research, production of a commercial video, trademark management, patent strategy, article development, society announcement progress, editing of a magazine, DM shipment, rearranging management of a container, article design, print progress management, own company article sales plan to be concrete when it puts it up. It is impossible and can consider that it accomplishes it with one and two people to watch this, but, as a whole, it is two or three work loads. I cooperate with an outside expert, and it is possible for even whom if I can go ahead. We do not have to worry if used to our duties. I am enough whether I am interested in such a work if there is the thing which is some one pride.

(2) A duty condition peculiar to a Planning Department

  Duty place: The main office and Nagoya office(I agree with sales department)

(3) Qualifications
The person who falls under next either
  1. Experience of a copywriter and an interesting person
  2. It is experience or an interesting person for plan progress of an event
  3. A person with experience about a television commercial
  4. A person with experience about a mail order
  5. Experience about a patent, a person with knowledge
  6. Experience such as editing of a magazine or an interesting person
  7. A person, in addition, interesting in work of sales promotion and a plan
4, the general affairs department
(1) Contents of work
There seems to be a person thinking the general affairs department to be not be it in many important sections inside, but it is a big error. The general affairs department does not touch a line and business directly, but actually it is a section doing an important role among companies. It is the center of all information, and it is the basics of a company so that it may be said that it is company itself, and it is the origin. Therefore, an excellent talented person is necessary for people of the general affairs department. When it turns forth, it is a face of a company, and it is the section which plays a role as domestic mother internally. A way of polite proper duty is always demanded. The accounting is a compass of a company, and personnel affairs are supports of a heart of an employee. When the general affairs department is corrupted and had a groundless thought, a company must follow a course of the decline.
Company of any place is the same for contents of concrete work, but there are the accounting, personnel affairs, general affairs, business office work, and there is work such as slip rearranging and computer processing, a waiting on customers reception, a report to an administrative office.

(2) A duty condition peculiar to the general affairs department

  Duty place: I choose the first hope, the second hope from the next duty place, and please apply.
The main office:
1-90-1, Kamiyama-cho Tajimi-shi, Gifu:
Nagoya office :
461-0023, 113, Tokugawa-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya-shi
Pafio (an antenna-into-the-future shop):
509-5152, 1-6, Terashita-cho, Izumi, Toki-shi, Gifu
(3) Qualifications
  Age: To 27 years old
  Experience: The person that the accounting office work charge applicant passed it than higher than accounting charge experience two years or the third grade bookkeeping official approval daily amount, principal society the second grade.
Personnel affairs, general affairs, business office work, a general office work charge applicant do not ask it qualification experience.
  Character: I am cheerful and am lively and am serious
5, a Research and Development Section
(1) Contents of work
We are the companies which they are good throughout the trade, and is known as a company doing cosmetics and raw materials development of a health food. Therefore, there must be a person of our research and development with a person having basics knowledge such as biochemistry, dietetics, medicine, a pharmacy.

(2) A duty condition peculiar to a Research and Development Section

  Duty place: Ena factory:
1788 aza-Umedaira, Kubohara, Yamaoka-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu
(3) Qualifications
  Age: To 50 years old
  A qualification, experience: The one that falls under next either
  1. Basics knowledge such as biochemistry, food chemistry, a pharmacy, medicine.
  2. Experience such as a cell culture experiment or animal experiment.
  3. Qualification of a pharmacist.
  4. Analysis technique.
  5. One, in addition, interesting in a study and an experiment.
6, engineering works
(1) Contents of work
It is main work that engineering works perform maintenance of production facility generally. Therefore, a range of work welds repair and overhaul of a machine from the start widely and works on the plumbing, transportation, electricity. It is difficult to perform all alone, but pushes forward work while helping each other led by each techie. Therefore, work extends over the whole, but should have technology of one.

(2) A duty condition peculiar to engineering works part

  Duty place: 509-6101, 8036, Toki-cho, Mizunami-shi, Gifu
But the above address is the location of engineering works part, and real duty is not constant to go to each factory. There is a factory in main office (Tajimi) factory and Yamaoka-cho, Ena-shi, Kukuri, Kani-shi, Toki-cho, Mizunami-shi.
  Holiday attendance: When a machine sometimes stops, you must be able to perform duties of a factory and I take a compensatory day off then and go to my office on a holiday. Such a holiday does not have so much attendance, but there is it by all means.
(3) Qualifications
If it is the person whom it can be written down in "the contents of work" mentioned above, I can apply.
7, production
(1) Contents of work
We are main in I develop cosmetics and raw materials of a health food, and producing it, but produce articles (an OEM article) which the company which is a visitor sells with these raw materials. It produces cosmetics and a health food, an unregulated drug, health drinks to call several hundred kinds in the year. A factory is divided into raw materials section, product section, article section, and raw materials section performs extraction or the refinement of extract, and product section produces intermediate products such as a tablet or a granule and article section wraps boxing and produces finished products.

(2) A duty condition peculiar to a Manufacturing Department
Duty place: I will work in next either, but there can be a thing moving by circumstances of work. In addition, the inside comes to tend to work in the main office for an internship.

  1. Head office: 507-0022, 1-90-1, Kamiyama-cho, Tajimi-shi, Gifu
  2. Ena factory: 509-7601, 1788, aza-Umedaira, Kubohara, Yamaoka-cho, Ena-shi, Gifu
  3. Mizunami factory: 509-6101, 8036, Toki-cho, Mizunami-shi, Gifu
  4. Kani factory: 509-0224, 1852-1, Yasugo, Kukuri, Kani-shi, Gifu
(3) Qualifications
  Age: To 35 years old
  Experience: No object
※ We are raising part-time jobs.
8, a tea shop section
(1) Contents of work
In us, I establish an antenna-into-the-future shop of the tea shop form that a subsidiary calls Pafio and start world health tea or valuable straight juice and am active as a tea shop lounge of a membership system to think about health and beauty together while watching a reaction.
For concrete work, it is waiting on customers, cooking, office work.

(2) A duty condition peculiar to a tea shop
Duty place:Pafio shop: 509-5152, 1-6, Terashita-cho, Izumi, Toki-shi, Gifu

(3) Qualifications
It is the cheerful person whom it is active, and is serious politely, and it is falling under next either.

  1. The person who can do simple cooking
  2. The person who likes waiting on customers as a waitress
9, a common duty condition
The duty condition that is common to all sections is as follows. Please ask about any questions at the time of an interview.
(We cannot answer a telephone and a question by an email.)
  Duty place: It is explanation in an item of each section
  Working hours: From 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
  A break: From the midday to 1:00 p.m.
  A holiday: According to the lapse of time. I guess with pay right on a tray, a holiday of New Year holidays.
  A salary: Details interview
10, an application method
I decide whether you take an interview in main office or Nagoya office or which, and please reserve an interview day on the telephone. On interview daily allowance day, please bring a resume of a handwriting with you.
Inquiry ahead: Personnel affairs charge: Hiromichi Hayashi TEL: +81-572-56-1111
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