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Manufacture of raw materials of health foods and cosmetics
Raw material development and manufacture
Process of manufacture
liquid extraction ethanol
steam extraction supercritical
ultrafiltration resin purification sprayer dry freeze dry
hot-air dry vacuum dry drum dry super-fine powder freeze grinding
Agaricus Aristolochia triang ularis Cham. &Schl. Gall bladder of viper Garana
Aristolochia triang ularis Cham. &Schl.
Gall bladder of viper
Curcuma longa (powder) Chinchio powder Wormwood powder Phellinus Linteus powder Panax notoginseng(Burk)F.H.Chen Cat,s Claw(Vncarina Tomentosa)
Curcuma longa (powder)
Chinchio powder
Wormwood powder
Phellinus Linteus powder
Panax notoginseng(Burk)F.H.Chen
Cat's Claw(Vncarina Tomentosa)
Chitooligo sugar powder Acer nikoense Maxim extract Pine pollen extract Reishi extract Pine pollen extract
Chitooligo sugar powder
Gingko leaf extract
Gingko leaf extract
Reishi extract
Pine pollen extract
Blueberry Acer nikoense Maxim extract DNA Agaricus extract powder
Acer nikoense Maxim extract
Agaricus extract powder
Advanced material
ECM・E ECM・E Eimmuni Bamboonoid
The raw material of absorbable hyalruronic acid food (ECM・E) developed by the company contains 100% domestic cockscomb and may be used with credibility. The material was developed with heart and soul from the stage of raw materials and consists of enzyme-induced low-molecular protein and hyalruronic acid; examples of improvement in various diseases including atopic arthritis and menstrual pains as well as beauty area and is preferred as a highly re-purchased material. Possession of supporting various experimental data and patents in Japan, USA, Korea, and Europe is the real evidence. Development of was ECM・E was started 25 years ago at the stage of study on immunological recovery. However, as it was widely known to be effective in arthritis, menstrual pains, and beauty, the distribution was made focused on such areas.
The study on immunological recovery was re-started several years ago; the strong recovery power of bamboo extract was added to the original immunological recovery of ECM・E and an innovational development in ECM・E was finished and, with application for patent, it is in the step to prepare sales. In the situation of existing various imitations of ECM・E, it was considered that it's the time to initiate the sales.
Bamboonoid is a substance that was extracted from bamboo shoots with unique technology. The company started studies on bamboos and bamboo shoots about 7-ago and found significantly enhanced anti-tumor action through the study on elevation of purity and on dosage and administration.
The content was reported in the 62nd Japan Cancer Conference. The substance of the study conducted by the company was highly effective when it was administered into tumors and the substance of bamboo shoots was found to be highly effective when it was orally administered. Both of them are applied for patents and the study will be continued.
Echevaria grauca Elderberry extract MSM
Echevaria grauca is a kind of succulent plants such as saboten (cactus) and attracts attention as the food material with effectiveness in habitual life diseases such as diabetes mellitus, suppressed body fat percentage, and recovery from decreased liver function.
The company cultivated Echevaria grauca in optimum condition and succeeded in development of material that is excellent in both cost and efficacy by unique manufacturing method that is basically different from the method traditionally used in China; coexistence of surprisingly low price and high functionality became possible.
It is a substance containing anthocynin, which is used as pharmaceutical product in Europe, as its main ingredient and the constituent exceeds the efficacy of blueberry. The taste of it was also assessed to be better than that of blueberry. It is an organic sulfate substance obtained from in Tutor pine - North America.
It has been known a nataral plant material with safety and with no side event and is used in treatment of arthritis in USA and England
Collagens Acer nikoense Maxim extract Pine pollen extract
There are many kinds of collagens such as collagens for cosmetics, edible collagens, and hydrolyzed collagens. When collagens are taken with hyaluronic acids, their effect is elevated. It has been known from old times in northeastern area of Japan and is widely used in recent times. Extracts may be obtained from its leaves, barks, and stems and soft extract may also be obtained. It attracts attention recently; it's substances are sufficiently identified but is a valuable material in China and has the value of study.
Cat's Claw extract Curcumin extract Nucleoprotein

Its origin is Peru and sufficiently aged raw material is imported. It will attract attention in future. It is used in the USA at relatively high level.

It's a kind of extract of which more than 90% consists of Curcumin as its ingredient. In comparison to natural one, it is about 100 times of purified one. Small quantity may used as dye or extract. It is obtained with Milt, Sofrroe as its base in the form just before preparation of DNA and is the best one as health food. It contains high level of amino acids and is a high-nutrient material.
DNA Gymnema Sylvestre extracted powder Gingko-leaf extracted powder
It is the DNA obtained from Milt, Sofrroe It is powder form consists of purified nucleoprotein. It is usually supplied in the form of extract; there are various kinds of formulation such as white type, bitter taste type, an dink types. It is directed imported from India and extracted/purified in the company. It has been manufactured from 15 years ago under technological cooperation with Interdrugas of Germany. 24%, 8-12%, and 3-5% formulations are available. Raw materials for cosmetics are also available.
Beepollen extract for drinks Propolis extract Cauliflower Mushroom
It's not the one that is simply extracted but is a fine product manufactured in consideration of color and taste. It is also used in juice products manufactured large-scale enterprises. Either of Brazil origin or China origin is available. It is available wither in the form of alcohol or water. Any form may be produced on consignment. The cultivation is very difficult and is a very rare mushroom. It attracts high attention with its high level of ?-glucan content.
Acanthopanacis root extract Agaricus Pieade extract Pepper extract
The extract is manufactured with use of wild roots that are directly imported from Heilongjiang of China. It is the extract with excellent efficacy because it is manufactured with use of roots rather than leaves or stems. Most of Agaricus Pieade is originated from Brazil, Japan, and China. Our company cultivates it in china under the direction of our company and the functions are proved. Pure extract of peppers and capcaicin-purified form are available. Both of them are produced on order-base. Extracted powder and liquid form are available.
Blueberry extract Phellinus Linteus Aristolochia tnang ulans Cham, & Schl. Extract
The highest grade of extract is only imported with screening of good-tasted ones under agreement with European manufacturer. The company produces eliberry extract as the substitution of it. Its extract is sold as a pharmaceutical product in Korea and it attracts attention as the material that follows agaricus. It is the representative of stamina foods produced in the Amazon of South America. It has lots of wild characteristics and a few persons deal with its raw material. The company has used it from 15 years ago.
Aloe extract Glucasamine Antler Ganoderma Incidum Karst extract
It is the extract obtained from Aloe arborescens aloe that has been known to he most effective among aloe group. The functionality is well known and it is used for various purposes. Glucosamine is a kind of health food manufactured with use of crab shells like chitin or chitosan and is preferred as the material for arthritis or beauty preparations. Antler Ganoderma Incidum Karst, which is called fantasy mushroom and is very expensive, may be supplied at low prices. It is known to contain several times of ?-glucan compared to common Ganoderma Incidum Karst.
Chito oligo sucrose    
Chitosan of chitin is processed to form more low moleculars. It control the balance of the body and recover the original curing ability of living bodies; it motivates proliferation of intestinal bacteria and stimulates evacuation.    
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